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Congratulations U3A Rockhampton on a Memorable Conference

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It is with great pleasure that I congratulate U3A Rockhampton & District, and particularly Conference Chair Henry Cope, on what was without doubt an exceptional conference. By choosing as the 2023 theme “U3A Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” the conference committee opened up a pathway for us all to look back with pride, enjoy today and look forward with enthusiasm.


Any organisation that achieves 50 years worldwide is an organisation that is as relevant in 2023 as it was in 1973. Worldwide and for the first time in history, we are experiencing an ageing population and U3As play an important role in improving the lifestyle and wellbeing of our seniors.


Those of you who attended this unique event will have benefited from the experience on so many levels. It was a pleasure and an honour to welcome the International President of the Association of Universities of the Third Age (AIUTA)  Professor Francois Vellas and his wife Chantal to our conference. Professor Vellas educated us all on the formation of U3A and expanded on its place in the world today.


Moving on into a new year which brings changes to our committee we welcome Ruth Northcott as our Network Secretary. Ruth brings a vast amount of expertise and experience to the committee and we look forward to working with her. Larry Frazer has now been elected as Treasurer. Larry was previously assistant Treasurer and we know he will manage our finances with diligence and attentiveness.


The Liaison program, which was accepted with enthusiasm will continue and you will have now received notification of your Network Liaison person for 2023/24.


We at Network now utilise Member Wizard for our administration, record keeping and financials. As with any program it is only as current as the data entered and to keep our records up to date please advise either  secretary Ruth or your Liaison person of the names and contact details for the Executive members of your 2023/24 committee.  


Our MOU’s with COTA Qld and LGAQ (Local Government Association of Queensland) continue and I am happy to share these with you if you would like a copy.


In conjunction with U3A Network Victoria and nbn® monthly webinars will be available for you all to join. These important topics on cyber safety, digital literacy and being digitally connected are helpful as we navigate the digital world in which we now live.


It was a pleasure catching up with so many of you in Rockhampton. Conferences are a great opportunity to renew friendships, met new members,  share information and celebrate our awesome organisation. I look forward to seeing you in Beaudesert 28 - 30th May 2024.

Warm regards

Rhonda Weston AM
Rhonda Weston AM
President, U3A Network Queensland
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