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Free 'Your Digital Legacy' Webinar - 23 August 2022

Dear {name}

I would appreciate your cooperation in encouraging your members to attend an important webinar coming up, to help older Australians create their digital ‘Will’, their Digital Legacy.

The free ‘Your Digital Legacy’ webinar will provide advice about how to leave records about all that digital information we create. For example, photos stored in the ‘Cloud’, online banking accounts, account information such as e-books and other subscriptions, Facebook and eHealth logins.

A Digital Legacy refers to any digital information that remains online after you pass on.

We all need to think about how our Executor and family would know about and access this information? Having arrangements in place would create peace of mind that those you leave behind have the information about your digital information that you want them to have.

U3A Network Queensland, in conjunction with nbn® and COTA Queensland have arranged this important webinar so that U3A members may consider the options and make appropriate arrangements to allow access to their Digital Legacy after death.

All U3A members are invited to access the webinar that will be conducted online on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 starting at 11am and ending at 11.45am.

The webinar may be access by clicking this link or copying and pasting the link into your internet browser:


There’s a lot more important information about the webinar on our website here:

About 'Your Digital Legacy' Webinar

I would appreciate your cooperation in advertising the webinar widely across your U3A membership, as this webinar is especially important to our age group.

So that members who may not use computers regularly may take part, you may like to consider gatherings of members in a classroom situation to view the webinar, and have the advantage of interacting with other U3A members about this important topic.

I would also appreciate your referring your members to the website link above that has a lot more information about the webinar and Digital Legacies in general.


Best regards

Rhonda Weston AM
Rhonda Weston AM
President, U3A Network Queensland
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