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Report on 'Your Digital Legacy' Webinar held 23 August 2022

Dear {name}

Earlier this month I asked for your cooperation in encouraging your members to attend an important webinar ‘Your Digital Legacy', and thanks to widespread advertising in local U3As the response has been amazing.

Thank you for your efforts in supporting the webinar that attracted more than 300 people to login, either from home or in a group organised by Tutors or other U3A members.

The webinar certainly struck a chord with U3A members, to the extent that many people who couldn't attend wanted to watch a replay and asked if another webinar was planned.

Well, the good news is that we have prepared an extended report on the webinar that may be viewed and downloaded here:

Download Report on 'Your Digital Legacy' Webinar

Further, a second webinar is planned for later this year, again arranged by U3A Network Queensland, in conjunction with nbn® and COTA Queensland.

I will keep you posted as to the date and time of the webinar, with plenty of time for members to set aside the date.

Thank you again for helping make this webinar a huge success.

Best regards

Rhonda Weston AM
Rhonda Weston AM
President, U3A Network Queensland
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