About U3A Network Queensland

Advisory body for Queensland U3A Associations

Who are we?

U3A Network Queensland is the state-wide incorporated advisory body covering all U3As in Queensland. Most other states in Australia have established a similar advisory organisation to foster interaction between individual groups within their own state and with the national and international U3A movement.

U3A Network Queensland was established in 2009 and incorporated on 6 August 2009 (IA37380). The Network represents 36 U3A groups throughout the State, including U3A Online.

Joint Patrons of the Network are Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young AC PSM, Governor of Queensland and her husband, Professor Graeme Nimmo RFD.

Please read the biography of the Governor of Queensland here.

State Bodies and National

At state level U3A groups have formed Networks that provide many benefits to their member Associations. Networks have been established in Victoria in 1988, New South Wales 1995, South Australia 2006, Queensland 2009 and Western Australia in 2012.

U3A Australian Alliance, incorporated in 2023 as U3A Australia, fosters closer co-operation between U3As across Australia; coordinating where necessary a national standpoint on issues of mutual interest.

What is our role?

In general terms, the Network’s role is to:
    • Promote the U3A movement in Queensland
    • Facilitate communication between local and national U3A groups
    • Provide support for existing U3A groups and for the formation of new groups
    • Establish connections with local and state government agencies and with other appropriate groups in the community

Governance – Policies and Procedures

A number of documents detail the governance and administration of the Network:

Register your U3A

Registration of your U3A with the Network helps to support and promote the U3A movement generally and Queensland U3A in particular. Your members will benefit from the intellectual communication exchange as well as widening their social contact in U3A. There are also financial benefits in Insurance and Copyright for members of the Network.

Renewal of membership is due before the end of March of each year.

For details of registration please contact our Treasurer at treasurer@u3aqld.au or Contact Us.

U3A  nationally and internationally

Listed below are U3A state-by-state organisations and the international body.

Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory are part of New South Wales U3A Network.
Tasmania does not have a network but has individual U3As throughout the State. A list of these can be found on website U3A ONLINE – Tasmania

Find your Local U3A

There are now 36 U3A incorporated associations across Queensland.

To locate your local U3A please go here.