Building your own U3A website

Purpose of the U3A Website Kit

The purpose of this website kit is to guide U3A Network Queensland members in the development of their own websites. This guide uses the website builder Weebly, but could be applied to other website building software.

The good news is that to build a website you no longer need to be a computer programmer. However it is assumed that those who read this guide in preparation to build their website are comfortable with using computers as well as the internet.

While this kit has been developed to be used online, a printable version of this website kit can be downloaded from the following link.

Building a website

There are four main steps in building a website which are getting ready, design and build, beyond basics and then tell everyone. Each of these steps is important and you will be guided through this process by clicking on the following buttons to undertake one step at a time.

Optional advanced features

It is always good practice to start any new website with the emphasis on quality and ease of use rather than the number of features. There are features that can be included in the website that are beyond the basics to make the website more interesting, addition of an online store to sell services such as memberships, and then the automation of U3A business management processes which for example would allow members to automatically enrol in classes through the website.

​Each of these optional advanced features can be explored by clicking the following buttons.