Premises & Facilities

This guide regarding premises and facilities for individual U3As is provided as a checklist of requirements, which have been put together to encourage further discussion and consideration by U3A committees.

As some U3As work toward finding a more permanent and affordable accommodation, management committees may consider a dedicated Reception and Office Administration as the ‘home’ of their U3A, one that is recognised in the local community.

In addition, to enable consistent provision of classes and activities, it will become important to lease or acquire a high standard of accommodation for the purpose of classes and activities. The objective is meet the needs of future growth in members and classes as well as the  expectations of current U3A members and volunteer workers.

The links below are effectively a checklist of considerations related to obtaining premises suitable for U3A operations. Please click each link to read a relevant article.

There’s also a manual in PDF format that may be downloaded containing information on Premises and Facilities. Please click the image at right to view/download a copy of the manual.

1. Type of accommodation that meets the needs of U3A activities

2. Facilities for office accommodation

3. Sources for premises and classrooms

4. Ideas to secure accommodation

5. Ways to raise money

6. U3A solutions to premises needs

A copy of the Premises & Facilities manual may be downloaded by clicking the cover image below.