Strategic Directions

Making Strategy Work

U3A Network puts plans into practice

The Strategic Plan 2021-25,  approved by member Associations at the 2021 Annual General Meeting, clearly defines a road map for the Network Management Committee over the next few years. The goals are aspirational and consistent with the objectives of the Network, and the integrated actions and expected results are practical, implementable and measurable.

The development of the Plan has been a lengthy, collaborative effort. The next step now underway is the development of Operational Plans for each of the five Strategic Directions based on projects, proposals and actions within the Plan. Each year within the cycle it will be reviewed and a composite Operational Plan prepared, costed and linked to the annual budget.

Four subcommittees have been assigned tasks related to the Strategic Directions:Membership, Communication, Support, Sustainability and Innovation. The work of these subcommittee members will form the content of the overall Operational Plan.

Operational Plans

Communications Plan

The Communication Plan 2021-2022 has been produced and is being executed. The latest update may be downloaded here: communications_plan_2021-22